About Midwest Corals

I started Midwest Corals in the year 2001, because of my love for growing corals. It is quite rewarding for me. My goal was to offer healthy corals at a reasonable price to stores located in Northern Indiana, At first this was a hard sell to stores because wild corals were much larger in those days at a low price, but at a high mortality rate. Nowadays, at the cost of wild corals and coupled with the high mortality rate. USA aqua-cultured corals now have the advantage. No over sea's shipping and already accumulated to the conditions of hobbyist tanks with almost no mortality rate at an affordable price. We have become one of the largest aquaculture farms in the US. Specialize in healthy and affordable corals.

Midwest Corals offers many different types of corals from common to rare!

We now only offer our services to distributors that appreciate our mission

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